CSC economic census: CSC VLE ECI Payment Released 2022 Csc Update

CSC VLE ECI Payment Released – Economic Census Payment for CSC VLE , csc economic census

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CSC ECI Payment Released

Hello, friends If you have a CSC VLE  you had worked in CSC Economic Census Survey Project! So you have a big good news on this Deepawali spot for all friends! The Economic Census Survey Payment of CSC VLE was halted for a long time! She has been sent to the CSC VLES Account! You can check your CSC ECI Payment according to the beloved Process! And if your payment has not been received for some reason! So according to the beloved Process, your ECI payment can be received!

CSC ECI Payment – May 2022

CSC UP EDISTRICT PORTAL Registration: Click here

CSC AADHAAR CENTER Registration: Click here

How to check csc eci project payment

ECI payment does not come, what to do

Guys, almost all VLES payments from CSC have been sent to their CSC Digipay! But if you have not got your CSC Digipay Payment! So you take 1-2 days weights! There may be no reason for any reason that your payments have not been made! And if your payment does not come even after so many time! So you know your District by contacting the CSC District Manager! What is your CSC ECI Payment Hold on behalf of CSC! And if your payment has been stopped for some reason! Then resolve your CSC DM by detailing it! Your Payment will come!

Reason for Economic Census CSC Payment Hold

Dear VLE, ​​you are informed to all the supervisor brothers! That you carefully check all the ECI portals that any survey is not so! Which has not been done so far! Because if a single survey is found on your ECI portal! So your payment will be stopped! Whose full obligation will be yours!
Therefore, all of you are requested to complete the said work today so that advance payment process can be done.
Thank you!

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7th Economic Census Survey: 2022

The rural entrepreneur of the Common Service Center (CSC) will be raised in the country’s economic calculation figures this year. The government has started the exercise of preparing the infrastructure of calculation through about 15 lakh rural entrepreneurs. The work of training these entrepreneurs has started CSC.

This year, the work of seventh economic calculation has to be completed to raise economic figures from 20 million families across the country. The government is looking for a permanent infrastructure to calculate more than two and a half million CSC networks across the country. This is the reason that the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation has been termed with CSC E-Governance Services India Limited under the Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology.

Statistics and Program Implementation Camera organized a workshop for state-level representatives of CSC. In addition to the officials of the Ministry, NSSO and other representatives of the States also participated. Secretary Praveer Shrivastava in the Ministry said that the current number of CSC in the country itself has great strength. Actually the Ministry of Statistics is known because of the quality of its figures. But the ministry has only 160 officers network. After the agreement with CSC, the Ministry will not only be able to collect the data across the country in a short time, but the CSC will also be prepared as a national asset.

Deputy Director General of the Department of Economic Department in the Statistics Department, Dr. Pankaj Shrivastav said that the quality data received from economic calculation helps in policy building. In this calculation, the digital strength of the CSC will be able to get better because now the first unit will start getting data in digital format.

CEO of CSC SPV, Dr. Dinesh Tyagi participated in the workshop and said that the capacity of rural entrepreneurs is unlimited. It can be estimated from the fact that in a few months, CSC has achieved success in registering more than one crore people in 14 states under Ayushman India. While accepting the importance of women in the survey of families, Tyagi said that CSC is 65,000 female entrepreneurs whose profit will get in this work. Through this economic calculation,

The infrastructure of professional explanations will be prepared and it will be available for employment opportunities for 15 million people.

As you all know that the CSC Economic Census Mobile App has been launched, so how do you have to download it and how to work in it and take special care of things, this app is not available in Google Play Store ,

First step When installing the app, you have to start the application and according to the photos shown in front of you, a screen will be open where your
1. Name
3. Mobile Device Detail
4. State / District & Block
5. Rural Urban
6. Ward / gram panchayat
7. on the Countinue button on the screen

Second step: Clicking on Countinue will come in front of you to open a screen where Start Survey EC 7.0 will be written in a single line. You have to click on that link.

Third Stage: From here your survey starts, where you will get some Janakaria already filled and some will be filled like Basic Info – State, District, City, Ward or Block Village You will have to pour the number of postal pins and blocks. In the case of you will have to select the name of your gover. Other information will be filled already.

Fourth step: When you click on Countinue, which is the first screen that is Locality / Street / Premises Building No here, you have to put those postal addresses in which you are enumerat the Census House in the Gove / Ward

Next Option Purpose of EC HOUSE Here you will residential / commerial and other here on such a house where there is no business activity, there will be resdential selects.

Data will be displayed automatically in the Economic Census EC House number on your screen, i.e. you have only 2 information on this screen which is a permanent leaf and home type of resident

7th economic census csc

Fifth Step: If you do this, there will be some screen open in front of you where you will find the SRN No of House already written, you write Name of Head of Household How many people live in that house all those names of Male / Female etc. Select and then you have to put the number of all the members living in that house, which are economically active or do some work, which is earning here Simply have to put their numbers and keep in mind that the total family total Should not be more than the number of members

And after that you have to put the number of economic acivities or business running within that house, but if someone puts a shop outside the house then it will not be counted in it, it is filling only about economic activities inside the building.

If no activity is running then you have to fill Simply 0 – (Zeero)

7th economic census csc

Sixth Step: After filling so much information, you have to submit it, so do House Hold Marking Number will be written on your screen which you have to note in your diary or Note book and then on the OK button on the screen To click

csc economic census exam

Seventh phase: After doing so much, you have to draw photos of building or structures if the landlord has no photo of objection or opposes, then in such a case you have to upload your self.

Eighth step: And after that you will see the details of the information youcide, where all the information you have been correct is confirmed and if the household or the landlord agrees with information then you will submit it and if If you need a correction, Edit can fill the correct information.

csc economic census exam

After submitting the information you will not be able to access this data again and the data submitted by you will go to Approve SUPERVISOR Data on your Supervisor where the enumerator can improve the data in the situation of the rejection. The option will be found.
How will the Economic Public Calculation App download?

  • 1- First of all you have to register registration registration in CSC Economic Census LMS.
  • 2- CSC Economic Census Learning Management System has completed your study and give you exit.
  • 3- In the exams, you will get an identity card and a certificate and together with your mobile, a link will come from where you will download these Economic Census App.
  • CSC Learning Management System Click HERE: LINK1 / LINK2

CSC Economic Census App Dounload Link: Click Here
Type Of Penalities in CSC Economic Census 2022

Three types of fines can be imposed in survey work

  • 1- Referred area: Enumretor will be given asa or Village / Enumaration Area. If it leaves some family members or homes, then it will be imposed.
  • 2- Quality of statistics: ENUMARATOR and SUPERVISOR DATA is right or not, if you have done something wrong, then the penalty will be imposed, although a time will be given after the Supervisor Rejection. Penalty will not be imposed.
  • 3- Delay in work: When a VLE / ENUMARATOR or SUPERVISOR will be determined to be determined ifa / village or town, then it will be completed within 2 months, otherwise the penalty will be imposed and that area will be given to any other enumarator.
    Payment will go to whose account

Although the complete payment in both the situation is that the VLE will be sent to the account linked to the portal, after which VLE will be able to distribute the people working below.

Watch the video below to know the process of registration-

Watch the video below for the entire information of CSC Economic Public Calculation 2022:

VLE Registration Link Click Here to visit

CSC VLE HELP and Support Contact Details

Email: [email protected]
+ 91-11-4975-4920

CSC VLE ECI Payment Released FAQ?

What is census CSC?
New Delhi: The 7th Economic Census, which is being conducted nationwide through common services centres (CSCs), is expected to be completed by March 2020, CSC e-Governance Service India CEO Dinesh Tyagi said on Friday. … The survey was launched in Delhi on Friday.
How can I get CSC ID card?
  1. Click on my Account.
  2. Enter Your CSC ID.
  3. Complete Finger Print Verification Using Aadhaar Number.
  4. Login to Your CSC Profile.
  5. Click On ID Card to Download CSC VLE Official Id Card.
What is economic census survey slip?
Economic Census Section

Economic Census gives the basic entrepreneurial data for planning and development in the State specially for unorganized sectors of the economy. … Information collected under Economic Census provides updated frame for conducting detailed follow up surveys

Which are is covered in the 7th Economic Census?
Scope and coverage proposed for 7th Economic Census:

5.1 All households/ establishments engaged in non‐agricultural economic activities including construction, except public administration, defense and compulsory social security are proposed to be covered in the 7th Economic Census.

Which state was not covered in 3rd Economic Census?
All States/UTs were covered, except Assam, where the population Census, 1981 was not conducted
How many days it will take for CSC registration?
New CSC Registration 2020-21- Digital Seva CSC Registration. Now in just 5 to 10 daysCSC id password will be available. If you want to do CSC registration, you need CSC id password, then you must read till the last, you will all know. CSC VLE Registration was a few days later.
How many types of economic census House are there?
The economic censuses of 1980 and 1990 were integrated with the house-listing operations of the population census.

Economic census.
Economic Census Year
Fourth Economic Census 1998
Fifth Economic Census 2005
Sixth Economic Census 2013
Seventh Economic Census 2019

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